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Why we’re a Lidl bit different…

Here at Lidl we save money on all the things you don’t eat so that you can save on the things you do.

Why browse 100 types of water when you can choose from 8?

We focus on keeping our ranges simple so that we can avoid ‘range overload’ making the most of our space in store and keep costs down, helping you to shop efficiently. And as the products our buyers carefully select are award-winning, why complicate matters?

Visit Lidl Awards to see the full list of our awards.

Our employees are real multi-taskers.

Our speedy cashiers serve more people than other leading supermarkets, and when they’re not busy on the checkouts, they’re helping out on the shop floor or behind-the-scenes in the warehouse. Another way of keeping the costs down in an efficient way – savings that we pass onto you.

Getting you through the checkouts quicker.

We have printed our barcodes twice on most of our products so that it’s quicker and easier for our efficient cashiers to scan each item, getting you through the checkouts as quickly as possible. And don’t worry about lifting the heavier items out of your trolley; we’ve made the barcodes on those items bigger so they can be scanned in your trolley.

Tetris-like lorry Packing.

At Lidl, we run a tight ship. Or rather, a tight lorry. Those lorries you see making their way up and down the UK’s motorways are practically always packed to capacity. Actually, you may not have seen them much as, where possible, they drive through the night to avoid traffic and save on fuel.

If the lights are not on, nobody’s home.

All of our store warehouses, offices and staff areas have motion sensors so the lights only come on when they’re needed. Not only do we save money, it helps the planet too! Another example of how our efficiency can help keep your costs down.


You might not recognise all of the brands in our store. This is because the majority of our continental products are sourced from local producers by our experts on the ground, whether that’s France, Italy, Spain or Greece it’s allowing us to provide you with authentic products from the experts at a low price.

We bake all day, so guess what?

From crusty bread to mouth-watering pastries, we prepare baked goods fresh from the oven all day, so you can look forward to the fact that it’ll taste that much more amazing when you get it home.

Here’s a fresh way to put it.

Our fresh fruit and veg is delivered every morning and kept at the back of the store near the chiller instead of the front so that it stays cooler and fresher. And, because many of our fruit and veg products take less than 24hrs to travel from field to shelf, we only order one day’s worth of produce at a time, so that we don’t carry over excess stock and you know your fruit and veg is always fresh. Just like you buy it from your local market.

Corkers curated, rated and ready.

Amazing wines. We love them, we try them and we rate them before you buy them. Our award-winning Wine Cellar boast a great range of premium wines at affordable prices, sourced from the centres of excellence across the globe and rated by Master of Wine Richard Bampfield. Check the ratings in store, online or in our leaflet to help you choose the right bottle.

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